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The Gallman Realty Difference

Listing W/ a Real Estate Agent

  • Commission Fees - 5%-10% on average
  • Closing Costs - Sellers (You) pay 2%-7% of sale price on average
  • Inspections - They are required, and can cause a sale to fall through
  • Bank Appraisal - Are often required based on the loan type
  • Average Days On The Market - 30 - 45 days.
  • # of Showings - Depends. Could be 1, could be 30 or more.
  • Closing Date - 30 - 60 Days, depending on the loan
  • Repair Costs - These are negotiated, but more often than not, you are required to front the costs of repairs found in the inspection and in some cases, a reinspection is required also.

Sold to Gallman Realty & Investments

  • Commission Fees - None.
  • Closing Costs - None. We Cover All Closing Costs
  • Inspections - Since We Purchase w/ Cash, No Inspections are Required*
  • Bank Appraisal - None. We Make A Cash Offer, A Bank Isn't Needed.
  • Average Days On The Market - We'll Make An Offer Immediately
  • # of Showings - Only One! ( Us )
  • Closing Date - 30 Days. Sometimes In As Little As 14 Days!
  • Repair Costs - NONE - We Handle All The Repairs, We Purchase The Property As-Is, In Any Condition.
The Best

We are a family owned real estate investment firm based in South Carolina. We specialize in offering homeowners cash solutions for property.  As investors, we service the greater South Carolina area who can buy your house fast with a fair all-cash offer

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